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The Process – Saga Studios

The Process


The Process


From a rough idea to a polished final video, we work with you to create the
best video you’ve ever seen… probably.

Our video production process is designed to create the best possible video with the highest level of communication. It’s very important that everyone has a clear understanding of the video production process, no one likes surprises that could have been avoided with better communication and planning.

Kick Off Call

We begin with a call to better learn about each other, every good relationship needs a solid foundation of communication. This is the first of many calls and meetings, communication is one of our bedrock principals. 


The Plan

We spend the time up front to create the perfect plan with realistic goals, deadlines, and deliverables so that everyone always knows exactly what’s going on at all times.

The Project

Once the perfect plan is crafted it’s time to execute, que the music (preferably Ride of the Valkyries). We handle everything, from pre-production to production, post-production to distribution, including all testing and adjusting of the videos distribution in order to maximize the results.


Sharing Post Metrics

Remember that bit about communication? Throughout the distribution process we’ll share all analytics and work together in order to make sure all assigned goals are achieved, or totally obliterated!

Let's Get Started!

(407) 612-0007

Let's Get Started!

(407) 612-0007

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Our mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire the world around us by creating world class experiences. We believe in the absolute power of story and that the right story told well can change the world. 



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